pearwood special architectural log

pearwood special

pearwood special

pearwood special

pearwood special

pearwood special

high quality oak logs for best production of Wehmeyer veneers

amirikan wallnut log

preparation for veneer production

AA european Oak log

AA european Oak logs

beautiful pippy oak veneers from company Wehmeyer  

Oak rift AA

… from our storage.

Pepper oak

… from our storage.

Mercedes Benz Beresa, Münster (Germany)

electric guitar from sycamore

Ebon veneer

For generations.

Since 1925 our firm has dedicated itselfto the transformation of high valued logs into high valued veneers.

Much has changed: Frequent modernization and development in our gradings and wood species. Wehmeyer veneermill offers a large kind of exclusive and rare wood veneer species. Please give us a call or E-Mail, don’t  hesitate to get in contact with us.
New: Europ. Rift Oak veneers up to lengths of 4,00 meters.

The many long years of experience accumulated by our craftsman and constant quality control during production made it possible to produce excellent veneers at a constantly high level.

The constantly expanding technical knowledge passed on from generation, the love for wood work we do, and the high demands for quality in our production make it possible to guarantee a large assortment of the finest veneers.

The key prerequisite for the production of fine veneers is the acquisition of fine raw materials: veneer logs.

We seek out the finest logs throughout the world: they are examined and selected according to the most exacting criteria.

Every stage in the production process requires an individual and special sorting and treatment; whether we are cutting veneers for furniture, panels, architecture, or doors, we are eager and happy to work with our customers in making these choice.

Naturally, we are ready to fulfill whatever special requirements our customers may have, among other the thickness of the veneers between 0,2—2,8 mm; and we make our total experience available to help make these decisions at all times.

lt is now and will always remain a marvelous story how unique, fine veneers are cut out of seemingly uninteresting logs. Strong characters of pleasing grain, strong or soft plays of colour, and brilliant surfaces always are fascinating and make work with fine veneers a constant day-to-day incomparable experience.