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About the team at Wehmeyer

Our almost one hundred years of experience are testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality and To deliver uniqueness in the veneer and timber trade. Since 1925 we have been offering our customers first-class veneers and sawn timber with a focus on customer proximity and service orientation.

Founder of the company Heinrich Johann Wehmeyer; 2nd generation of the company Heinrich Johann Wehmeyer (from left to right)

Founder of the company Heinrich Johann Wehmeyer; 2nd generation of the company Heinrich Johann Wehmeyer (from left to right)


Our mission and vision

For almost a century, our focus has been on customer proximity, service orientation and sustainability. With passion and expertise, we offer a carefully selected range of wood products for our national and international customers.

As a veneer manufacturer with many years of expertise, sustainability and quality are our top priorities. Our products are not only an expression of craftsmanship, but also a testimony to our responsibility towards the environment.

Our annual rings


Foundation of Westfälisches Holzkontor: From the very beginning, Heinrich Wehmeyer focuses on the refinement of European and North American logs and quickly positions itself as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality veneers and sawn timber.


The company defies the challenges of the war and the post-war period by consistently focusing on quality products and customer-oriented services.


At the beginning of the 1960s, Wehmeyer expands its product range and now also offers a wide range of products in the timber trade, laying the foundation for today's duality of the business division.


Globalization becomes an opportunity: Wehmeyer begins to position its expertise in the veneer sector internationally, laying the foundation for an extensive international presence, particularly in Benelux, America and Canada.


Sustainability moves into focus: Wehmeyer not only invests in sustainable production methods and ensures that the entire product range meets the highest environmental standards, but also builds the modern logistics center of the Westphalian wood office in Münster - further proof of the company's commitment to sustainability.


Preparing for the 100th anniversary: With almost a century of experience, the company looks back proudly on its history and at the same time prepares to inspire the next generation of customers and partners.


We are proud of this

Since 1925, we have been characterized by a high-quality range and prompt deliveries. Thanks to our extensive warehouse, our own fleet of vehicles and our fast response times, we are always in a position to meet our customers’ requirements.


Excellent performance


We are Wehmeyer - Without us, everything is on the wrong track!

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Heiner Wehmeyer

Hendrik Wehmeyer

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Mine Keskin


Our contribution to society and the environment

In a constantly changing market, we have made it our mission to act not only economically, but also socially and ecologically responsibly. This is reflected above all in our commitment to sustainability and our decision to use only sustainable wood products.

Ecological footprint

Minimizing the ecological footprint through the use of sustainable raw materials and environmentally friendly technologies.

Community involvement

Active participation in charitable projects and initiatives to support the local community.


Our corporate culture

At Wehmeyer, every employee is a valuable member of our family. We value everyone’s individual talents and skills and work together to carry on the legacy and values of our company.

Through continuous training and innovation, we promote the growth and development of our employees and strive to create a working environment in which everyone feels valued and motivated.


Together into the future

Let us continue the history of Wehmeyer together. With almost a century of experience, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with first-class veneer and wood products. Become part of our story and contact us today.